About Us

Evolution:  A gradual process of development and diversification from earlier forms; hopefully leading to positive change through an increased scope and range of positive behavior.  Transformation may be promoted by a response to the demands of the environment or external forces within the environment.  

At Brotherz we are resourceful people with a unique combination of skills.    

Brotherz takes pride in offering individualized care for Substance Use Disorders. We are a small organization with a staff dedicated to turning around the lives of people who suffer from the disease of Substance Use Disorder.  Following an evaluation of each situation, we put a plan in place for bringing the desired result into a formative reality.  We help chart a positive path to recovery, outsourcing as needed, for accessibility to all sources of support; encouraging immersion in those sources of support, prior to positive integration back into a new lifestyle of wellness, utilizing changes and modifications for long term recovery.

Our ultimate goal is to see people win their battles with Substance Use Disorders as they move into a continued state of recovery.